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Hee Fabric Agencies has a long history in the supporting of the Singapore fashion scene since her humble beginnings in the 1970s.  Hee Fabric Agencies has since expanded to other markets in the Asean region.  With our management’s experience and wide range of luxurious European fabrics, Hee Fabric Agencies is still the premium company clients come to for fabrics that make a difference in the finished product.  Hee Fabric Agencies count stand-alone boutiques to home grown brands in Royal families in the Asean Region as our clientele.

Exclusive Design

Our European fabrics that we have in our showrooms are only carried exclusively by Hee Fabric Agencies in the Asean region. This fabric exclusivity is what our clients need in the fast paced fashion world. Our clients are assured that since Hee Fabric Agencies is the Sole Agent for these exclusive designs, they are rest assured that they do not see the same print or designs in the mass market.

Premium Quality

What sets our European fabrics apart from other fabrics available are that our fabrics are conceived, designed and produced in the mills of Italy, France, Switzerland amongst other European countries. The “made in” is testament to the quality, colour, design and innovation of our fabrics.

Sole Agent

Hee Fabric Agencies is the Sole Agent for over 30 European fabric mills offering both mens and ladies luxurious fabrics encompassing the Asean markets.